Mary, a 30 year old woman from Philippines, works in a village in Cyprus. She takes care of Mr. Michalis, an 85 year old man, who suffers from arteriosclerosis. Mr Michalis spends his day watching TV, and specifically, a soap opera, starring Anna. It seems that he has acquired a sort of obsession with the protagonist, and he insists on calling Mary with the name of “Anna”, despite his daughter’s, Melpo, remarks. When Mary finds an old box, she makes a significant discovery. The name “Anna” has a strong meaning for Mr. Michalis.

Spiros Charalambous 2012
Production: Seahorse productions
Director: Spiros Charalambous
Cast: Spyros Stavrinides, Immy Lysandrou, Mara Constandinou, Marinos Konsolou, Marios Demetriou, Elena Efstathiou