Double Occupancy (Germany)

Two old men share a hospital room. They are cut off any contacts. A button to call the nurse it the only communication media they have.

Sadness and loneliness defines their everyday life. Only one of the men can look out the window. He decides to tell the other one what he sees outside.

Now the room turns into a lively stage of what happens outside. If only the cough would go away…  “Double Occupancy”  is a parable about the greed of man – an animated intimate play about the power of imagination and illusion

10 mins
Animation, Drama
Produced & Directed by Fabian Giessler
Cast: Kaspar Eichel, Freimut Götsch, Roswitha Dost

2013 selections include: Euroshort, Istanbul, Enfoque, Brantford, Columbus (Winner), Rehoboth Beach, 55. Nordic Film Days, Eugene, Atlanta