Clare Valley Film Festival – Special Edition 30th May 2015

Dan Bradley our education coordinator is in the final stages of post production on the short film Asha, which will premier in a Clare Valley Film Festival Special Edition on 30th May 2015 @ 7.30pm. We’re all very excited about this initiative, as one of our mandates has always been our commitment to education. There were lots of opportunities to get involved on both sides of the camera, so we’re expecting quite a crowd. The evening will also include films from our partner festivals. The Clare Valley Film Festival is back full strength in November 2015 as part of The Festival Month in the Clare Valley.

Synopsis: Looking for a new life, Asha moves to a small country town where she begins to give dance classes.  A young local cop is getting married and wants to learn how to dance a wedding tango, but Asha is suspicious of the police.  Asha has a son who has a mental illness and she is desperate to protect him.  She reluctantly agrees to teach the young constable and also ropes in his sergeant.  A crisis develops and tragedy is narrowly avoided but in the aftermath the tango lessons continue and Asha may have found someone to share her new life with.

Director:  Dan Bradley
Writer:  Rob George