2015 Program online

“It is always a joy to watch young film-makers at work from all over the world, and it has been my privilege to do so ever since I was invited by Seeta Indrani and Chris Bishop to help programme the Clare Valley Film Festival. A lot of the entries this year are concerned with family, mostly exploring the relationship between parents and children, while two are specifically about brothers. Other entries engage with the eternal subjects of friendship and love, often in fresh and charming ways. My task was to group the films into two sessions, each under its own theme. After some consideration, I have called the first ‘Mothers and Fathers’, and the second ‘Sons and Lovers’, though the boundaries are not as clearcut as the titles might suggest!”
Carolyn Choa, Program Co-ordinator

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Top image: ‘Tau Seru’, Australia/India, Rodd Rathjen:  In the vastness of the Himalayas, a young nomad’s curiosity lies beyond the horizon.  Winner of Best Short film, International Short Film Festival Cyprus, this Australia/India co production was selected for Critics Week at The Cannes Film Festival.
Above image: ‘The Bigger Picture’, UK, Daisy Jacobs: Life-size animated characters tell the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an elderly parent.  An Oscar nominated and BAFTA winner, 55 festival selections and counting!