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Clare Valley Film Festival at the International Short Film Festival Cyprus

“This is the first time Australian short films have been screened in Cyprus” – Elena Christodoulidou, Ministry of Education and Culture, Film Department

On 17th October, Clare Valley Film Festival director, Seeta Indrani, presented The Best of CVFF at the International Short Film Festival Cyprus 2012.

We were very proud and honoured to be the first presenting a selection of award winning Australian short films to the Cyprus audience/filmmakers and we believe that our collaboration will also bring short films from Cyprus to the other ends of the world, to rural Australia.” said Alexia Roider ISFFC Director.

Seeta and Alexia met in April of this year whilst they were serving on the jury of the Rome Independent Film Festival, following that Alexia invited Seeta to Cyprus to take part in the Parallel Screenings at this year’s ISFFC. The films were very well received, and the whole festival had a fantastic energy and interest ,with packed out houses every night. Very impressive! We will be adding a European flavour to next year’s Clare Valley Film Festival with a special programme of films from our partners in Paris, Rome and of course Cyprus.

Film screened:
Kanowna, Chris Richards Scully,
Something Fishy, Ben Young, (Special Mention 2012)
Distant Thunder, Venetia Taylor, ( Best Actress Australian 2012)
The Road Not Taken, Damian Fasolo, (Special Mention 2011)
The Next El Masri, Matt Hawkins, (Best Australian 2010)
Early Checkout Jim Lounsbury, (Special Mention + Audience Choice Award 2010)
Seeta Indrani, CVFF Director, with
Alexia Roider, ISFFC Director

Ophelia (UK/Australia)

The Universally know image of Ophelia by John Millais, is used as a metaphor for Kashmir, a country, once called ‘Paradise on Earth’ and its people, caught between two countries. Ophelia, caught in the political machine of the state and her deep love for Hamlet, is driven to suicide. After 60 years of asking for the 1947 UN recommendation to, ‘exercise their right of self-determination,’ together with the endless curfews and night raids many people in Kashmir are suffering from depression and some, like Ophelia, are driven to suicide. This short film cracks a light onto ‘when hope is lost.’ There is an Ophelia living in each of us.

Producer: Mat de Koning
Director: Greta Mendez
Cast: Minni Kumari

Oh! To see what I see
To see what I have seen
Ophelia Act 3 Scene 1

Screened at Utica, New York, Trinidad & Tobago and IFFPIE Film Festivals. Virtual Borders, in Germany, Berlin & France. Winner: Best Director IFFPIE –International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration & Equality

Revisted: Top 10 Low-Budget Filmmaking Tips

Published 3 September 2009

1. Is there a story?
When writing a script it’s important to get feedback. Send your first draft to 5 people. Don’t send it to just friends, and include a professional writer if you can.

2. Keep it simple
If you’re making your first film keep it simple by using minimal locations, preferably one, and just a few actors. If you have a limited budget don’t use special effects or crazy action stunts.

3. Plan, Plan and Plan
Budget – make a list of everything you need. Even if you’re borrowing the equipment, put it down.
Cast & Crew – use friends where you can or source from filmmaking websites and forums Organise a shoot date and confirm with your cast and crew.
Location – Use your own house, backyard or garage, but if you’re using another location make sure you have secured it in writing from the owner or local council for the shoot date.
Storyboard & shot list – plan your shots. Draw diagrams or pictures to help illustrate the composition and sequences.
Schedule – Use your shot list to help organise your day efficiently. Group similar shots – it doesn’t have to be in chronological order. And give a copy of your schedule to your cast and crew.

4. Clearances
You need release forms for everyone: actors, music/artwork contributors, location and anyone else who produces content that appears in the film. Release form templates and examples download from

5. Using actors
When making short films on a shoe string use friends or family. If you’re a budding Tarantino you might be able to persuade a professional actor to be involved.

6. Equipment
Beg, borrow and be creative. Hiring equipment is an option. I particularly enjoy the Sony Z1 or the Canon XL-1s, but some domestic cameras can do the job! Use household lamps for lighting. A large sheet of white board could be a reflector. A broom stick for a boom pole. Be creative!

7. Invest in good sound
Bad sound can make a good short film unbearable. Hire a decent boom mic.

8. Feed your cast and crew
A happy cast and crew is a happy film set, and hopefully this will come across in your film. Include food in your budget: breakfast and lunch. Also snacks and drink during the shoot. Don’t forget the wrap party.

9. Post production
You don’t need an editing suite. Why not use iMovie or Movie Maker on your home computer. It’s hard to stay objective taking your own script to screen. Once you have a rough cut invite a few friends over to watch it and give you feedback. Also, watching it with others help you see it more objectively.

10. Getting your film seen
Find 5-6 filmmakers with films to screen and share the cost of hiring a cinema. Each filmmaker will invite their friends, so that’s an instant audience.
Blyth Cinema Hire
Send your film to festivals. There are hundreds of film festivals worldwide waiting to screen your film. (Information on more than 1300 festivals in over 80 countries with instructions on how to apply)

Best of The Fest 2012, The Mercury Cinema, Adelaide, 4pm 10th June

The Mercury Cinema, Adelaide’s most sophisticated screening experience, is kindly hosting the Best of The Clare Valley Film Festival 2012. Programme to include, the pick of the SA entries including Clewers 48 Hour Challenge winners and Special Mention L’Artiste, Best Australian Short Film, Crosshairs and Best International Short Film, Shanghai Love Market.


L’ARTISTE, Luke Marsden
iFISH, Andrew Manuel
THE RENTER, Jason Carpenter
LANDSCAPE SCENE, Mike Williamson
WOLF CALL, Rob Underhill
GUET APENS, Michael Barocas

Saturday night’s Awards Gala Results

THE VALLEY OF DESPAIR, Team Leader: Andrew Shanks
VACANCY IN THE VALLEY, Team Leader: Ashley Pollard
iFISH, Team Leader: Andrew Manuel

MARVIN, directed by Mark Nute

MIKE WILEY for his performance in Wolf Call

XIE JING for her performance in Shanghai Love Market

MELT, directed by Noemie Lafrance
LEGACY, directed by Bryn Chainey

BRAD ALBERT for his performance in Something Fishy


CROSSHAIRS directed by Mike Hoath
SHANGHAI LOVE MARKET, directed by Craig Rosenthal

SHANGHAI LOVE MARKET, directed by Craig Rosenthal
WOLF CALL, directed by Rob Underhill

CROSSHAIRS, directed by Mike Hoath
SOMETHING FISHY, directed by Ben Young
L’ARTISTE!, directed by Luke Marsden

Kelly Nestor, bringing her style & charm to Clare Valley Film Festival Awards Gala

Kelly Nestor is the special guest host at this year’s Clare Valley Film Festival Awards Gala 8pm 31 March 2012 in Blyth. BOOK TICKETS

Kelly Nestor is a broadcast and online presenter and producer with more than 20 years’ experience.

Growing up in the Outback town of Broken Hill, Kelly was taught to play straight, be brave and keep smiling – all qualities which have earned her the trust of millions of Australians to deliver their news, host their events and help get to the heart of their issues.

In 2009 Kelly was entered into the Who’s Who of Australian Women and awarded Better Hearing Australia’s Best Television Newsreader.

Don’t miss Kelly with co-host Grant McAvaney, at this year’s Awards Gala, the red carpet culmination of the day’s events. A dressy affair with excerpts of films from the judges shortlist. Awards for Best Australian Film, Best International Film, Best performance, Best Moving Image, Audience Choice Award and Clewers Film Challenge will be presented. Followed by the After Party hosted by Grosset Wines and Mount Horrocks Wines.
Limited availability. This event sells out early.

Clewers 48 Hour Film Challenge – New Format, New Rules – Register now!

Kicks off 23 March 2012, 7pm

Ok, so we’ve been listening to your feedback and tweaked the rules to give you more time and flexibility. Yep, this year you have 48 hours instead of 24 to create that masterpiece. We’ve dropped the Clare Valley location shooting requirement. Plus you get the chance to win a big fat juicy $500.

…a real eye opener for both myself and Razz and really showed us how much was involved in making a short film and how difficult it was to meet such a short time limit. We both learned a lot about the importance of pre-production planning and only filming what was really important to the final film…
Alex Takacs (Winner 2011)

The competition really stretches the imagination and talent to create a 3min story in a 24 hours. It gave us a premise to achieve our ideas and goals.
Ron Edwards (60+) (Participant 2010)

I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking and it’s not since high school that I’ve attempted to do anything, so winning The Clewers Film Challenge inspired me to go on and produce more short films.  It has shown me that with no budget, limited equipment and a lot of imagination  you can produce something truly great.
Mandy Keulen (Winner 2010)

Please read the rules and click here to register.

Click here for the rules.

Calling All Film Aficionados – Screenwriting Masterclass with Emmy Award winning writer Rob George

We are honoured to welcome Rob back to our educational programme, this time devoting a whole session to his specialist subject: Screenwriting. Rob will explain the basic elements of screenplay writing with illustrations and examples. Students will also be given writing exercises to do in class. And if there’s time we’ll take a look inside the TV Drama sausage factory.

Rob has worked in film, TV and theatre. He wrote Captain Johnno a children’s telemovie that won an International Emmy Award. Feature films, Fair Game, Selkie and Passion, and The River Kings for ABC and BBC. Script and story editor on Something In The Air, MDA and Blue Heelers.

Date: Saturday 31st March 11am-1pm
Venue: Blyth Cinema
Prices: $12 / Concession $7*
Register here

* Concession prices are for under 18s and if you have taken a masterclass with us before.

And of course we will be delivering the ever popular Lo-to-no Budget Filmmaking Workshops as a precursor to this year’s Clewers 48 Hour Challenge, but that’s another news update.

CVFF Preview Dinner – Book your table!

Blyth Cinema, the Blyth Community & The Independent Arts Foundation Clare Regional Branch

Invite you to a very special dinner and selection of Short Films from the Festival Entries
to support the Third Clare Valley Film Festival.

Wednesday February 22nd, 6.30pm

Price $45 per person inclusive

Download menu

Reserve a table by contacting Ian at Blyth Cinema 08 8844 5175

The Best of the Fest – Films in the Gardens at Taylors Winery

Saturday 11 February 2012

Best of the Fest – Award-winning short films from the 2011 Clare Valley Film Festival presented outdoors in the gardens at Taylors Winery, Clare Valley.

Taylors Wines are proud to present the very first ‘Best of the Fest’ – an outdoor screen programme with award winning films from the 2011 Clare Valley Film Festival. Utilising the natural amphitheatre-like green within Taylors Wines beautiful gardens, the large screen will provide an unique venue to watch the films and enjoy food and wine.

Highlights in the programme:

  • The winning films from Clare Valley Film Festival 2011
  • Local boys made good – winners of the Clewers 24 Hour Film Challenge.
  • An award winning film from the portfolio of Screen South UK which signals the start of an ongoing relationship.
  • Plus a surprise Australian gem.

Bring your own rugs, cushions or deck chairs. There are meals, snacks, ice-cream, soft-drinks, coffee and, of course, wine on sale. The event is sure to be popular so it is recommended that movie-goers plan to arrive before the films commence and enjoy the festival picnic atmosphere.

When: Saturday 11 February 2012
Where: Taylors Wines, Auburn, Clare Valley
When: Garden open for picnic from 5pm, films commence at 7.30pm

For ticket bookings 08 8849 1117 – Adult $12 / Child $7

For more information please contact Megan Downer at Taylors Wines – 08 8849 1117