Entry Regulations

CVFF Regulations & Requirements

  • By entering CVFF you are agreeing to screen your work at the festival and at other festival related screenings throughout the year.
  • All films submitted to the CVFF must be shorter than 12 minutes in length.
  • All entries to the CVFF are final and no amends or exchanges will be permitted.
  • All films submitted to the CVFF in languages other than English require English Subtitles.
  • All films submitted to the CVFF must have the necessary permissions to use any music included on the film’s soundtrack as well as other moving and photograph footage.
  • All films submitted to the CVFF must have signed release forms from all cast members who appear in your film and they must be available on request.
  • Music videos are eligible, but  MUST tell a narrative story. Live video recordings and performance videos are not eligible.
  • Entrants will be notified after the 1 Nov 2013 of the selection results.
  • The director and one guest will receive free entry to the screening of your film should it be successfully selected.
  • CVFF do not accept any film submitted on DVD. Digital submissions via Vimeo only.

CVFF  Conditions you must hereby:

  1. I have written consents from everyone involved (cast, crew and post-production personnel) in the making of this film to enter the festival, including signed release forms, which must be available on request.
  2. I hold the rights in this film or relevant permissions necessary to allow the film to be screened for public exhibition at the CVFF.
  3. I have cleared all copyright materials featured in this film (including music and graphics) and have the necessary permissions for their use. All music used in the film have signed release forms and are available on request.
  4. I am happy for the festival organisers to screen the film during the period of the Festival free of charge for as many times as required and any festival related screenings throughout the year.
  5. CVFF can use 10-20sec excerpts from my film for promotional purposes free of charge.
  6. I am aware that any claims or associated costs and fees that may arise from the screening of the film at the festival are solely my responsibility and that the festival cannot be held responsible for any breach in your obligations.
  7. I will indemnify the festival organisers against any claim against them arising directly from the screening of the film, including but not limited to legal proceedings for defamation and copyright breaches.
  8. I am also aware that the festival organisers can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to the film once it has been entered into the festival.
  9. I understand that submitting the film into the competition does not guarantee the film will be screened at the festival. I also understand that the judges’ decision is final and no appeal procedure is available.