Clare Valley Film Festival at the International Short Film Festival Cyprus

“This is the first time Australian short films have been screened in Cyprus” – Elena Christodoulidou, Ministry of Education and Culture, Film Department

On 17th October, Clare Valley Film Festival director, Seeta Indrani, presented The Best of CVFF at the International Short Film Festival Cyprus 2012.

We were very proud and honoured to be the first presenting a selection of award winning Australian short films to the Cyprus audience/filmmakers and we believe that our collaboration will also bring short films from Cyprus to the other ends of the world, to rural Australia.” said Alexia Roider ISFFC Director.

Seeta and Alexia met in April of this year whilst they were serving on the jury of the Rome Independent Film Festival, following that Alexia invited Seeta to Cyprus to take part in the Parallel Screenings at this year’s ISFFC. The films were very well received, and the whole festival had a fantastic energy and interest ,with packed out houses every night. Very impressive! We will be adding a European flavour to next year’s Clare Valley Film Festival with a special programme of films from our partners in Paris, Rome and of course Cyprus.

Film screened:
Kanowna, Chris Richards Scully,
Something Fishy, Ben Young, (Special Mention 2012)
Distant Thunder, Venetia Taylor, ( Best Actress Australian 2012)
The Road Not Taken, Damian Fasolo, (Special Mention 2011)
The Next El Masri, Matt Hawkins, (Best Australian 2010)
Early Checkout Jim Lounsbury, (Special Mention + Audience Choice Award 2010)
Seeta Indrani, CVFF Director, with
Alexia Roider, ISFFC Director

Ophelia (UK/Australia)

The Universally know image of Ophelia by John Millais, is used as a metaphor for Kashmir, a country, once called ‘Paradise on Earth’ and its people, caught between two countries. Ophelia, caught in the political machine of the state and her deep love for Hamlet, is driven to suicide. After 60 years of asking for the 1947 UN recommendation to, ‘exercise their right of self-determination,’ together with the endless curfews and night raids many people in Kashmir are suffering from depression and some, like Ophelia, are driven to suicide. This short film cracks a light onto ‘when hope is lost.’ There is an Ophelia living in each of us.

Producer: Mat de Koning
Director: Greta Mendez
Cast: Minni Kumari

Oh! To see what I see
To see what I have seen
Ophelia Act 3 Scene 1

Screened at Utica, New York, Trinidad & Tobago and IFFPIE Film Festivals. Virtual Borders, in Germany, Berlin & France. Winner: Best Director IFFPIE –International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration & Equality

Fabrizio Ferrari (RIFF Founder/Director)

Since 1998, Fabrizio Ferrari has been active in the fields of cinema and cultural events. Beginning with the organization and planning of seminars and workshops on screenplay writing and on digital video, he also created events aiming to promote Italian and foreign cinematography.

Fabrizio assisted David Stephenson (Oscar nomination for Best Soundtrack -“Richard III”) and Darren Brisker, working on the sets of various films. Founder the RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival) Cultural Association. Fabrizio aim is to create, a chance for visibility for Italian and international independent film makers, who are otherwise cut out of the more commercial distribution circuits. With his work in the distribution and promotion of the material received, he has created a network of more than 15 partnerships with international film festivals, receiving support from institutional organizations such as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Italian Cultural Institutes, and the Embassies of many foreign countries. He’s now working at the 13th edition of the Riff Awards.

Erogatore 3

A man finds himself in a service station in the dead of night, waiting.  He peers into the darkness through the windows of his car.

Director Marco Napoli
Cast: Riccardo Sinibaldi, Livia Massimi, Giorgio Crisafi, Enrico Chirico, Mimmo Mancini


Despite a shy nature, Matilde is a child with a dynamic intelligence and a strong spirit. In her classroom, however, something is upsetting her. Combining the suggestions received from her teacher, the interest for her mother’s hairdressing tools and her passion for tennis, Matilde looks for a drastic and amazing solution to find the serenity.

Winner Best Short Film, RIFF 2012
Director: Vito Palmieri
Cast: Matilde Da Silva, Luca Di Costanzo, Alessandra Fantini

Ce L’hai Un Minuto

“Have you got a minute?”, this is what Oreste , a roman gentleman in his fifties, asks Mahdi, a young Palestinian boy, before giving him the right direction to go from Rome’s suburb to Palestine. A long travel full of funny anecdotes and sad memories, an escape from loneliness that turns into a surreal and ironic meeting.

Comedy, Drama
Director: Alessandro Bardani
Cast: Giorgio Colangeli, Francesco Montanari


Southern Italy, 1935. OROVERDE (GREENGOLD) is the true story of the twelve years old Bianca Panarese, about her hard apprenticeship in a tobacco factory, and about her love for the fifteen years old brother Pietro killed during the protests raised against the closure of the tobacco factory.

Historical Drama
Director: Pierluigi Ferrandini
Cast: Rebecca Metcalf, Marco Lecciso, Lucia Chianura

Alexia Roider – Artistic Director of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus

Alexia Roider was born in Germany in 1975 and was raised in Cyprus. In 1993 she attends the Visual Communication Design course at Kassel University in Germany and continues her education in the UK at the University of the Arts London. She graduates in 1997 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Film & Video from the College of Communication (Formerly known as the London College of Printing). 
In 1998 Alexia returns to Cyprus and begins working as a film director for Lumiere Services, a local production company directing television commercials, corporate videos and documentaries. In 2008 she completes her short film Styx, which screens at numerous international film festivals and receives six major awards. In 2009, Alexia Roider receives the award for Best Director at the 5th Cyprus Short Film and Documentary Festival. In the same year Alexia decides to pursue her career as a freelancer directing commercials and special events but also getting actively involved in the local film scene where she worked on numerous independent productions and on five feature films as a 1st Assistant Director. In 2011 she was appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, Artistic Director of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus. In 2012 Alexia was invited to be on the jury of the International short film Competition of the Roma Independent Film Festival in Italy and in 2013 on the jury of the Clare Valley Film Festival in Australia.


Mary, a 30 year old woman from Philippines, works in a village in Cyprus. She takes care of Mr. Michalis, an 85 year old man, who suffers from arteriosclerosis. Mr Michalis spends his day watching TV, and specifically, a soap opera, starring Anna. It seems that he has acquired a sort of obsession with the protagonist, and he insists on calling Mary with the name of “Anna”, despite his daughter’s, Melpo, remarks. When Mary finds an old box, she makes a significant discovery. The name “Anna” has a strong meaning for Mr. Michalis.

Spiros Charalambous 2012
Production: Seahorse productions
Director: Spiros Charalambous
Cast: Spyros Stavrinides, Immy Lysandrou, Mara Constandinou, Marinos Konsolou, Marios Demetriou, Elena Efstathiou


The story takes part during a single day in which Alexis, a professional boxer is preparing for a fight he has that evening, but he is finding it hard to make weight, therefore he has only two hours to loose two kilos to be able to fight.

Dinos Gregoriou
Production: Marios Petrondas, Dinos Gregoriou
Direction: Dinos Gregoriou
Cast: Alex Norden, Melpo Kolomvou, Dimitris Xistras, Natia Charalambous, Grigoris Michael