No Parking

Two men fighting over a parking spot.  After a series of confrontations, the two neighbours are interrupted by greater forces. The never-ending story of territorial dominance, from past to present. Period comedy-drama set in the seventies on the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Comedy, Drama
Producer: Marios Petrondas
Direction: Soteris Christou
Cast: Marinos Hadjivasiliou, Paris Erotokritou, Anna Giagkiozi, Marina Mandri, Varvara Larmou, Dimitris Taliotis

Pasty Child

The sudden death of her husband leaves Mrs.Leg alone with a heavy secret hidden in the basement.

George Tymvios
Animation, Drama
Produced & Directed by George Tymvios, Andy Luck

The film uses skilled stop motion effects to create this dark fairytale. Winner of the Animation category of the 2012 Royal Television Society Devon & Cornwall Centre Student Awards.

My School (Australia, WA)

In the centenary year of a suburban Australian primary school, a fire takes hold and incinerates the school.  A series of young children from the school describe their life at the school, and recount the damaged caused by the fire. They reflect insightfully on those around them, and their responses to the fire. The film examines the resilience of the young and their capacity to bounce back and enjoy whatever is on offer, while looking forward to the possibilities the future may hold.

6 mins
Produced & Directed by Kevin Mack

Voices (Bahrain)

An old woman is present physically in her current life, doing her daily duties in a monotonous way,  but spiritually, she lives in another reality.

4 mins
Produced and Directed by Hussain Al-Riffaei
Cast: Shafeeka Yousif

Shortlisted for the International Film Awards Berlin, Ultra Short

Good Grief (Australia, VIC/Student)

Five real people share their true stories of losing something precious and what it has taught them about living.  Good Grief is a short stop motion animated documentary that explores the lessons we learn from dealing with grief and loss. When animator Fiona Dalwood lost her mother to cancer in 2010 she went through a profound period of grieving. In the wake of that life-changing process she learnt a lot about herself and the depths of her sadness. Out of it came a strong desire to turn her experience into something positive. Fiona went about interviewing people who had lost something precious. She asked them how they got through their grief and what perspectives they gained from it. Those interviews were recorded and four unique stories emerged.

8 mins
Animation, Documentary
Producer: Jonno Katz
Director: Fiona Dalwood
Cast: Dan Michael, Dana Katz, Alex de Vos, Sarah de Vos, Andrew O’Sullivan

Awards: Nominee: ATOM Awards 2013 – Best Tertiary Animation
Highly Commended: Melbourne International Animation Festival 2013, Winner: Senior Commendation Award (2013 Show Us Your Shorts, Warburton, Victoria Australia), Nominee: BEST STUDENT FILM 2013 (Australian Directors Guild Awards), Winner: Best Masters Animation 2012 (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne Australia), Winner: Orloff Family Charitable Trust Script Award 2012 (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne Australia)

Double Occupancy (Germany)

Two old men share a hospital room. They are cut off any contacts. A button to call the nurse it the only communication media they have.

Sadness and loneliness defines their everyday life. Only one of the men can look out the window. He decides to tell the other one what he sees outside.

Now the room turns into a lively stage of what happens outside. If only the cough would go away…  “Double Occupancy”  is a parable about the greed of man – an animated intimate play about the power of imagination and illusion

10 mins
Animation, Drama
Produced & Directed by Fabian Giessler
Cast: Kaspar Eichel, Freimut Götsch, Roswitha Dost

2013 selections include: Euroshort, Istanbul, Enfoque, Brantford, Columbus (Winner), Rehoboth Beach, 55. Nordic Film Days, Eugene, Atlanta

England’s Green and Pleasant Land (UK)

Robin Hayter looks back 30 years at a memorable milestone he shared with others on the London stage at a time when theatre really aimed to make a difference.  A documentary about 1982 tour of Trevor Griffith´s seminal production ‘Oi For England’ originally directed by Antonia Bird.

10 mins    Out Of Competition
Producer: Antonia Bird
Director: Robin Hayter
Cast: Paul McGann, Robin Hayter, Dorian Healey, Peter Løvstrøm, Paul Moriarty, Beverley Martin, Antonia Bird, Andy Roberts, Trevor Griffiths

Growing Up (Australia, VIC)

Max and Carey enjoy the endless bliss of childhood but as we look into their future will any of their dreams come true and will they take a second chance at happiness?  Morgana Davies plays the lead role of Carey, at 11 she is already well established as a fine actor and someone to look out for. She has played major leading roles including Charlotte Gainsbourg’s daughter in Julie Bertuccelli’s The Tree and opposite Willem Defoe in The Hunter.   Growing Up was made almost entirely by 2012 AFTRS graduates.

6 mins
Comedy, Drama
Producer: Rachel Argall
Director: Damian McLindon
Cast: Morgana Davies, Zac Ynfante

Balcanika Ltd. (Italy)

Yugoslavia, 1990s. During the war the various ethnic groups would identify each other based on how many fingers were raised in recognition signs. For the wrong sign, the kid will pay with life.

His destiny is in his own hands… Few minutes of a dazzling tale of suspense!

9 mins
Producer: Tandem Film Tv Production
Director: Daniele Scarpi
Cast: Giancarlo Previati, Vladik Gnata

Winner at: Los Angeles Movie Awards 2013, Award of Excellence Narrative Short

Selected at: California Film Festival 2013, Hong Kong Film Festival 2013, Gulf Film Festival (Dubai) 2013, ECU Film Festival (Paris) 2013

The Telegram Man (Australia)

Explores the impact of World War II on a close-knit Australian farming community

A recipient of the 2011 BAFTA LA® The Telegram Man has been screened at more than 100 film festivals including the Australian Film Institute Awards and Palm Springs.I t was once again very privileged to receive an invitation to screen at the 2013 ANZAC (Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) Day Commemoration in Gallipoli, Turkey.

14 mins
Historical Drama
Produced & Directed by James Francis Khehtie
Cast:  Jack Thompson, Gary Sweet and Sigrid Thornton